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May 09, 2013

Why the ATS market needs more disruptors.....



Once upon a time we recruiters just had a phone and a rolodex.

Then we had fax machines. Then e-mail. The Internet. The ATS and on it goes.

But even though the market races on the ATS seems have got stuck in the dark ages of technology somewhat smug in its' seemingly immovable place within the organisastion. 

Of course it's easy to blame the customer for not stamping their feet and demanding they get more social, mobile, predictive (or whatever is next) functionality from their vendor. Or indeed blame the vendor for not innovating because the customer won't pay enough for their system to fund such R&D efforts.

But blame is the easy option and gets us all nowhere. The only way we'll really see any changes is if a few more disruptors come along and turn the industry upside down. Although this assumes the customer is ready to be turned. 

What do you think?


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