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May 09, 2013

Rate your ATS - are your customers speaking for you?


The Rate your ATS has got off to a fast start with response coming in already. But to make sure it shows both sides of the story, if you are an ATS vendor please feel free to ask them to rate you.

Are you on the list?

  1. Advorto 
  2. AMRIS 
  3. Bond Talent 
  4. Candidate Manager 
  5. Cornerstone OnDemand 
  6. eArcu 
  7. Eploy 
  8. Harbour 
  9. Hireserve 
  10. HR Smart 
  11. iCims 
  12. iGRasp 
  13. JobTrain 
  14. Kenexa 
  15. Oracle 
  16. PageUp People 
  17. Peoplexs 
  18. Qandidate.com 
  19. Recruit Active 
  20. SAP 
  21. Silk Road 
  22. Smart Recruiters 
  23. Talentsoft 
  24. Talentlink 
  25. Taleo TBE and TEE 
  26. Tribepad 
  27. WCN 
  28. Zoho Not listed (add to comments)

Even if you are not on the list your customers can add you to a comments box. The link to the survey is: www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1244007/Rate-your-ATS

Please help make this a really useful industry survey by sharing across your networks.


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