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May 21, 2013

How technology vendors can sell more, recruiters can hire more, by giving less choice

The more choices we have the harder it is to make a decision. You want ketchup? Choose from our 39 different brands, flavours, sizes etc. You probably walk away empty handed! 

There are experiments that prove this yet we so often think choice is the right thing to offer. Although sometimes it happens by accident. A candidate may go to a career site and search for a job such as "buyer" expecting maybe 3 or 4. Not 40 or 50 though. Or even 10. 

I know from testing this. The more jobs in a category the more you have to make it simple. Sorry, but a "talent pool" approach (I did say sorry) would work much better than too many jobs. If you have too many buying jobs then let the buyer register for "all" jobs and get the recruiter to work out which job they are best suited for. But this has its drawbacks as well.

"I have many skills. I could do lots of different (buyer) jobs"

That gets you seen as a jack-of-all-trades and in turn makes the recruiters life more difficult; result being no action is taken. You sit on the pile of maybe one day candidates. Great skills but no specific job.

So technology vendors need to focus on less. Be what you are but be great at it. I still see old and new tech that is confused at what it is and what problems it is really solving. It morphs from one problem to the next, adding more bling to try and make the product more appealing to use when in reality, they are not getting to the nub of the issue. The more I look, the more I see it.

I read a lot so I can't remember who said it but, you have to keep taking stuff out not adding stuff in.

For real simplicity that just works, take a look at Medium. So simple, so clean, so elegant. 



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