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March 22, 2013

Is TribePad taking a Google Chrome approach to the recruitment market?

Google didn't purely launch Chrome to win browser market share but to force other browsers to innovate and innovate fast. By doing so it allowed Google to unleash yet more products into the market! Very smart and so far proving to be very successful. So how does this help TribePad and the recruitment industry?

Not so long ago, TribePad were a "talent community" platform with pretty much one very big, loud, brash client; G4S. They were being described as middleware plugging the gap between the ATS and social functionality. But the ATS vendors were not exactly falling over themselves to integrate which in turn didn't help the few innovators make headway with introducing a more social candidate experience to their business. TribePad knew how they wanted to transform the candidate experience but they were beholden to the ATS vendor in the same way that Google were beholden primarily to Microsoft and Firefox. Google were literally being held back by shoddy browsers hence they launched Chrome to kick the market into action.

TribePad faced a very similar situation! So when the opportunity came along (via Sodexo) to provide a single platform for the social functionality and ATS they took the leap and developed the first incarnation of the social ATS and now the customers are flocking to them. Almost like selling fish and chips to builders at lunch time; right place, right product, right time. 

There's still a long way to go before the market turns but this I believe is a really important stake in the ground that we should not ignore. Particularly the other vendors. I actually want ALL the ATS vendors to get truly social, collaborative, mobile etc. as the easier it is for the recruiter to use the new technologies the sooner the market will evolve for everyone. Not to kill off the agencies, or the job boards or anyone for that matter. But to help people get jobs, quicker and easier, which in turn helps good companies grow and yes, brings the economy back onto a positive footing. So we all benefit.

Grand ideas maybe but from little acorns..... so let us not forget recruiters can make or break a company. We all need them to be a success because growth cannot be achieved without the right people. Just ask Google!

So what is your Google Chrome? 

Oh, and not sure what makes an ATS social? Download the TribePad white paper.


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