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January 21, 2013

Why Facebook Graph Search is NOT a recruitment silver bullet

Of course it's the latest social toy so everyone will think it's the next job board/agency killer but guess what, it's not!

Obviously we don't have access to it yet so actual functionality/results are unknown and of course privacy will be something that comes into play maybe a lot more now than before. Yes, it would be great to know which restaurants my friends visit/rate/hate, or who lives where I'm next visiting, or who works at Company X who I would just love to work for. But in reality, is this REALLY of any significant value?

For example, you are looking for restaurants in Nottingham. You see one that has a lot of reviews and two of your friends have been there. Your friends rate it as good, some unknown people concur yet even more unknown people think it is poor. What will you do? 

Or you look for a hotel and none of your friends have been there yet 25 unknown people have left positive remarks on Trip Advisor. What will you do?

Or you see a friend works at Company X but you don't really know (from their Facebook profile) what they actually do there or who else they are connected to at the company or if those friends are even any use? What will you do?

Think about your "friends":

  • How many have you met?
  • How many did you know before Facebook?
  • How many have you met?
  • How many are somewhat unknown when it comes to any kind of recommendation?

The point being, that you already take the opinions of people you do not know at all, not even third connections of a Facebook "friend" who you don't really know anyway. I know it's very early days yet but if your are going to use FGS for recruitment you need to know more about the people that actually fit your organisation. Think Candidate Personas. 

It's all well and good being able to find people who know people but first you have to know what your actual successful hire really looks like. I don't mean the aspirational hire that the Line Manager wants but the kind of person that performs well already. What do you know about them? What is consistent about your top ten percent versus you bottom ten percent versus your middle percent? Now if you nail your candidate personas THEN you could start to use some aspects of FGS. Very often there is something other than a few years experience that makes a person fit with your organisation but unless you know what it is, you'll just keep on chasing the dream. Like the dream that Facebook Graph Search will fix all your recruitment challenges?

Not sure how to create a Candidate Persona? Give me a call!


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