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January 15, 2013

Make IT in Ireland by John Dennehy, Zartis.com



Companies compete for talent at different levels. Rarely do similar companies hiring for similar positions agree to work together.

We’re betting that it’s a good thing to do. Last week we launched a project called Make IT in Ireland (www.makeitinireland.com), a website and social media campaign to showcase the careers and companies in Ireland’s tech sector.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Symantec, Intel and Oracle are the companies behind it. All of them are hiring in Ireland.

Why did they do it?

To increase the size and quality of the local talent pool!

For the past 4 years the overriding sentiment of business news from Ireland has been negative. The story of the failed property market and collapsed banks is a well-known parable throughout Europe and the rest of the world. What’s not as widely reported is the booming tech sector. Dublin is European HQ to many of the world’s biggest tech companies. There’s also a flourishing startup scene.

Growth in the sector is accelerating demand for skilled professionals, not just software developers, but also people with multi-lingual skills, sales, online marketing, operations and business analytics. Everywhere in the western world these people are in short supply. Ireland, historically known for its high emigration rate, has become a much more multi-cultural society. The number of non-Irish nationals living in the country doubled from 5.8% of the population in 2002 to 12% today. Many of them are working in Ireland’s tech sector which employs 74,000 people directly and some 200,000 people indirectly. There are approximately 4,500 open positions in the sector. This does not include the number of roles that could be filled if more qualified professionals were readily available.

The website itself consists of information about moving to Ireland with links to each of the companies career’s sites. When candidates arrive at the site they can browse through the content, visit the company career’s site, or submit their CV which can then be viewed by all of the companies involved. The site was launched last week and the vast majority of the visitors were referrals through links spread on Twitter. The caliber of people submitting their CVs so far is excellent. They’ve ranged from C++ developers in Bulgaria to online marketing experts in Turkey. There has also been a relatively high amount of Irish people living abroad sending their CVs. It’s not surprising: there are over 800,000 people born in Ireland now living abroad. The global Irish diaspora is reckoned to be close to 70 million. Building a sustainable pipeline of talent into Ireland is critical if the sector is to continue on its growth trajectory. Other regions are surely considering similar initiatives. It’s going to be interesting to see the results.

About John Dennehy


John Dennehy has been working in Internet startups for close to 20 years.

He is founder of AssemblyPoint Ltd, the creator of Make IT in Ireland and Zartis.com.



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