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January 17, 2013

How to make your career site content as fresh as a daisy every day!


Blogs are great for SEO as the search engines love fresh content and bloggers post fresh content. Win-win. Career site content is updated once a year so the search engines don't love them quite so much.Lose-win.

So how can jobs help solve the problem?

Jobs are content and if your jobs are indexed by search engines then that is fresh content. Even better (as we do with HirePad) if every time a new job is added to the ATS (HirePad) the search engine is told, it will immediately come back and index the new content. Fresh content is a BIG plus for career site SEO so if your jobs are stuck in your ATS, then you are missing out.

Job boards benefit tremendously from fresh new jobs every day which is why it is nigh on impossible to beat them in the generic job search stakes. Yes, there will be some smart ass who will say I'm wrong on this because the have managed to get their career site at the top of Google, above all the job boards, with a low value search term. Take the search term "manhattan management jobs" which was quoted to me as a Jobs2web sales pitch along the lines of

"Oh, look how good we are at SEO. We can get you to the top of Google for a low ranking pointless search term."

Well, this is how hard it is. An old blog of mine that has no posts added to it anymore is third. How hard was that. Took me all of 5 minutes.


So here's the point. By having fresh content and giving Google et al reason to keep on coming back to your site (like a blog), in the niche, long tail search terms where candidates are more specific and/or further down the process, you can start to beat the job boards. Also, if you are marketing your brand the right way, candidates are more likely to search for a specific job with your name in the search phrase BUT, if you are using job boards and aggregators and your jobs are not indexed, the candidates still won't find you and they'll most likely end up on a third party site first. 

So great marketing MINUS job optimisation is like one step forward, two backwards.

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