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January 07, 2013

How to eat 100,000+ calories in 2 weeks and still lose weight!


I've calculated I will eat at least 8,000 calories a day on the YAU so if I use all of the alloted 13 days that'll be a fair amount of eating. But, as I'll be travelling for up to 16 hours each day (hopefully no longer than that anyway) I should burn it off.

Although too many of the Braeburn Burgers at CP3 may take a bit of shifting; in and out!!


(image source)

 My "eat" strategy is to stop every hour for 5 minutes at which point I will eat something and drink 500ml of water. As a minimum I will eat a bar of some kind or a big handful of nuts and fried fruit. I will also carry between 3 and 5 litres of water so with my small pile of food and max 5 litres I can travel for up to 10 hours. However, I will stop at around 6 hours to eat a freeze dried meal such as Asian noodles with beef (circa 800 calories) and melt snow. We can also have a drop bag sent ahead of us with more food so allowing for 2 days emergency and then 3-4 days inbetween CP's I will have a lot of food shopping to do in Whitehorse before I leave. We do get a meal at each CP but this will depend on what the CP is i.e. a hut with a fire and hot water to a roadhouse such as Braeburn where we get a rather large burger.

My pulk is already filling up with gear so right now I have no idea where all the food will be stashed!



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