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December 07, 2012

How long do mobile candidates spend on your career site compared to desktop candidates?


Just because you build it, and they come, doesn't mean they will stay. Knowing how your candidates interact with your career site, and how that varies from desktop to mobile is vital to be able to plan how you get better results.

They are coming...

You don't need to be told that mobile traffic is growing by the day so like it or not, your career site is getting plenty of mobile (and tablet) traffic. Problem is, it's only going to get bigger yet so many career sites are just not cutting it. Of course you may think that if the traffic is already coming, why do you need to build a mobile site?

Try it for yourself

You can go to your own career site, a competitors or any of your own personal favourite websites. What can or do you do on a website desktop vs. mobile. I expect the mobile site or App (Amazon, eBay, Google Drive etc) to be quick and easy but not have every single function the desktop version has but I expect there to be one. Candidates expect the same of job boards AND career sites!

The data never lies!

OK, data is not always exact but it gives to a solid start point. I have compared two career sites as a starter. Both in the same sector and have similar traffic volumes. Career site One is not at all mobile friendly and not even that great for desktop users whereas Career site Two has both a mobile version and the desktop version is pretty easy to navigate and is built to render on most if not all devices.


  • 6.66 pages/visit.
  • 30.93% bounce rate.
  • 4:03 average time on site.
  • 21.21% mobile traffic.


  • 3.64 pages/visit.
  • 35.6% bounce rate.
  • 4:43 average time on site.
  • 23.12% mobile traffic.

The main difference between the two sites overall is pages/visit which is primarily down to the navigation i.e. career site one requires more clicks to get to the different parts of the site based on my assessment.


Desktop vs. Mobile 

  • 7.86 vs. 2.29 pages/visit.
  • 28.02% vs. 49.77% bounce rate.
  • 4:56 vs. 1:27 average time on site.


Desktop vs. Mobile 

  • 3.67 vs. 3.51 pages/visit.
  • 35.11% vs. 37.56% bounce rate.
  • 5:21 vs. 2:27 average time on site.

The mobile traffic stats are quite different across the career sites. One clearly repels mobile traffic whereas Two treats them both equally well with mobile visitors getting to what they want a lot quicker because the mobile site is more streamlined.

Key pointers

Right now, the above stats may not kill your overall results but if you forecast forward to maybe 12-24 months when mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic, can you afford NOT to get your mobile process as simple and efficient as possible. 

If you would like an assessment of your existing career site and some help with your mobile strategy let me know.


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