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June 27, 2011

What's the value of a blog?

DoggyinthewindowI presented at The FIRM event last week and was talking about SEO for recruitment. You can see the full presentation on a previous post: SEO made easy (or not). I mentioned that I would like to say that I started my blog in 2006 knowing that by 2010 it would outperform many career sites and in some cases job boards in the SEO stakes. But I didn't have such foresight but never mind, this is where it now is. So what may such a blog be worth to a business or a recruitment business?

Now you may know that blogs perform well from an SEO viewpoint so how could a business benefit from a blog? Well, they could start their own or, maybe they could buy an already established blog. Yes, they would need to retain the URL to retain the historical performance but it would give them a jumpstart from an SEO aspect. Or maybe they don't buy the blog or blogger, but invest a decent amount of money in 1 or 2 blogs instead of spending money on job boards or banners etc. It is not a strategy for every organisation but if you are recruiting in a specific niche in sufficient volume, then SEO is going to be an important aspect of your attraction strategy and having content access to a well established blog may just be a pretty good idea. Not for all as I say, but worth thinking about for some!

As a very recent example, my blog post Taleo acquire Jobpartners ranks just below Techcrunch on the Taleo/Jobpartners acquisition and is of course on page 1! 


Needs some thought and no doubt open to criticism but may just work for

some :-) 



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