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January 11, 2011

Social Recruiting Guru's - who you gonna call?

Of course the term "guru" is so 2010 but who the hell does this stuff these days if we all fear being labelled a guru!?

To be honest there a few people who offer advice and services on how to "do social recruiting" but as a starter, I think the most three with the most guruness are shown below. Also, the one thing we definitely agree on is that social is purely another channel and it is not the "be all and end all" of recruitment. However, each of us does have our particular focus that I have detailed below.

Andy_Headworth As an ex-recruiter Andy's expertise is in that of a recruiter. In fact, when I first met Andy it was as a recruiter and he filled a niche vacancy for a client of mine. During that time, Andy has worked for me on a number of projects before focusing purely on consulting in the last few years. I remember well the day I introduced Twitter to him and he scoffed at such a ridiculous site yet now we can't get him off it :-)


If you want to know more or get in contact with Andy I'd suggest the best option is via his blog.

Matt-Alder The infamous Mr Allder, purveyor of all things digital. As ex-Head of Digital at Barkers, Matt is probably the best person to talk to if your project is focused around employer brand. Not just brand of course, but with his extensive agency background Matt can advise on many aspects of your direct resourcing strategy.

For more details view his website Metashift.


PG And then there is of course me!

Also an ex-recruiter but more so on the high volume temp/contingent side but also back in 1999 I started a recruitment software business. As a result of this my focus has been around recruitment technology, process and automation and have often found myself fixing badly implemented recruitment technology.


You can get more details about what I do at www.hirestrategies.co.uk.

There are of course other people who can help and advise on your direct resourcing strategy and I'm happy to add their details if they pass my initial sifting criteria. In the meantime, I'd suggest the three of us are a great start point!


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