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August 06, 2010

Converting passive candidates to join your talent pool

Holy Grail

The Talent Pool. The holy grail of recruiting. Many recruiters claim to have one yet in reality very few do. But the technology has been out there a long time and the concept is not new. So what should you be doing?

You have to think like a marketing department rather than a recruitment business. There are so many stats about the percentage of active job seekers versus passive job seekers but either way, people are at different stages of their job hunting and the passive candidate is going to be less inclined to go through an entire registration process before they even get to apply for the job (the apply process is another post for another day). Here are some simple steps to follow when trying to attract PASSIVE job seekers:

  • Market opportunities, growth, learning, excellence but NOT jobs.
  • Use multiple channels and tools to market your message e.g. e-mail, blog posts, twitter etc.
  • Build a dedicated landing page with relevant content.
  • Have a SIMPLE registration process e.g. name, e-mail, current job title, employer.
  • Once registered keep marketing to them - don't start selling jobs immediately.
  • Make contact with them to engage interest - this can be automated and does not need to be via the phone - yet.
  • Have a work flow in place that brings them to you.
  • Call them at the right stage in the process.
  • Tell them about potential positions at the right time and watch the conversions happen.

The above is a somewhat simplistic approach but how many people would accept the offer of marriage after just one night? Unless they were desperate of course; and you would probably only ask if you were desperate. Imagine having many options to choose from; bet you'd take your time and choose wisely?!

By far the highest level of interest from the results so far from the Corporate Recruiters Survey is about building a talent pool. So the above is to get you thinking and by September I will have the results of a real life example that we are currently running and will be sharing this at a breakfast seminar yet to be arranged. If you would like to attend the seminar best you take the survey to get advance notice of where and when it will take place.

In the meantime, back to attracting the active job seekers as we are seeing plenty of those as well!


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