December 2007

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December 28, 2007

Blog break

I am away until 6th January 2008 so won't be doing any posts until I return.

I'll be hatching many new plans for 2008!  Have a great New Year.

December 21, 2007

Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares

I'm not sure if Gordon's approach would go down too well in a corporate recruiting environment but based on an apparent lack of self belief within HR and them maybe never becoming strategic maybe it is what is needed in some places!

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December 20, 2007


Inretail may think I am having a bit of a battle with them at the moment but I'm not.  What did however make me smile was if you search for Inretail or In retail on Google my blog ends up on the first page; OK not top but still close by.

Google search for Inretail

As I have mentioned to Inretail before, keep your friends close, your enemies even closer.  Although I am neither recent events will conspire against you!

Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007

Not wanting to be outdone by the US bloggers, Louise Triance Editor of UKRecruiter has launched Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007.

Stephen Fowler has covered it over at Recruitment Views  (suggesting I'll complain whatever happens) as have the 'boys and girls' at Digital Recruiting.  Not being Welsh (so I won't complain) or Scottish (so I won't get the National vote) leaves the competition wide open.

I just hope Louise doesn't get too many people complaining that they couldn't get onto the website as it was too busy to cope with the volume of voters!

Well done Louise.


The Engineer

I had a service engineer turn up at the house the other week to fix one of the white metal boxes in the small room next to the kitchen.  It has been nice and quiet without the constant whirring of said machine but having no idea how to turn it off had come to accept the noise as part of a growing family.

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December 18, 2007

Vision-Impaired IT Worker Wins Discrimination Case

This may now be a couple of months old, but if Siemens can get it wrong, so can any of the retailers - and many do!

The full post can be found on the E-Access Blog.

"A vision impaired IT professional has been has been awarded 12,000 Euros compensation by an industrial tribunal in Ireland after it was accepted that a recruitment process used by multinational company Siemens discriminated against job applicants with disabilities. The Labour Court in Dublin concluded that Martin O’Sullivan ‘was denied an opportunity to undertake an integral and otherwise integral part of the selection process because of his disability. This meant that the whole selection process was tainted with discrimination’.

For O’Sullivan, the hearing concludes a two-and-a-half year struggle to show that the recruitment process used by Siemens discriminated against vision-impaired applicants because of their disability, in contravention of Ireland’s Employment Equality Act."

December 14, 2007

Ms Sweeney keeps on coming back for more!

Yet more e-mail exchanges with Ms Sweeney today with more allegations of poor advice to my customers; and such an obsession with my 'poor credit rating'.

It seems that my new found friend is intent on using underhand tactics to try and stop me giving advice based on facts and hard evidence on how ALL retail job boards have performed.  Some are clearly doing a better job than others.  My forthcoming retail job board report may shed some light on why this is.

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December 12, 2007

The Appointment battle goes underground

I was 'interviewed' earlier today and one question was 'What is the biggest challenge to writing a blog?' to which I responded "Inspiration".  And low and behold, as if the Blog Gods heard my answer I receive an e-mail casting numerous allegations about my fantastic status in the retail sector.

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December 11, 2007

Hire Strategies launch new website

Anyone visiting today will see I have a new look and feel to my blog, in fact it is based on my new Hire Strategies website.  There will be more things being added as we go but in the meantime please have a look and let me know what you think - particularly if it's good!!


December 07, 2007

Hire people who have achieved something

I personally found this article on ERE worthy of a mention.

Maybe a few more people could add this thought process into their hiring and see how many people match up; or indeed if their past performance does!

The article is Hire People Who Accomplished Something Amazing.

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