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October 25, 2007

Workhound - another jobsearch engine

Yet another copycat jobsearch engine has been launched by www.workhound.co.uk.

It does look very good and seems to have pretty much everything Indeed has so no real issues with what is does.  But the way we are going, is that there will just be more and more jobsearch sites adding yet more confusion for the job seeker (JS).

Bottom line is that JS just wants to get to the employer or agency as quickly as possible yet the jobsearch engines are primarily indexing job boards so poor old JS gets yet another step in the process and still ends up in most cases at the job board.

I know that a lot of agencies will use these sites so JS will get to the agency site quickly in some cases and in time more and more employers will use these sites.  Personally, I will encourage any employer to utilise the likes of Workhound, Indeed, Google Base etc as they will add some value to the attraction process.

So, short term just another site.  Longer term, could they be the demise of job boards when employers have their jobs indexed directly by these sites? 

Could they be the death of job posting as we know it?


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